“Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars.
“There is the blueprint,” they say.”

I. Calvino

We build digital innovation, day after day.

About Us

Digital Business & Customer Engagement.

Two souls, one vision to achieve your goals together.

Strategy, technology, creativity for digital transformation

Our mission is to facilitate digital transformation inside businesses, in which IT, Marketing, Sales and Operations steer and share goals and processes.

Tecla, leader in technological innovation and in the development of omnichannel projects, has enriched its skills by joining with 2mlab, a digital agency specialized in engagement marketing and web design.

70 professionals, 5 operational offices, over 80 awards won, solid International partnerships with leaders in the digital sector, including Google and IBM – of which Tecla is Premier Business Partner – to meet the business demands of big players of different sectors: Fashion, Food, Retail, CPG, Bank & Insurance.

We have been creating change every day, for the past 18 years.

Tecla is one of Italo Calvino’s invisible cities whose construction never ceases, and as the first lights come on in the evening, it is apparent that the building work will continue through the night. This is a bit like our story and the metaphor of this trade.

Carlo Visani, Chairman of Tecla
Carlo Visani

Carlo Visani

Chairman of Tecla

Founding Partner and Chairman of Tecla.it, he has been working in Information & Communication Technology for over 25 years. Visani’s role is strategic for the continuous innovation process within the company: a natural curiosity and acute interest in technologies connected to internet, mobile and communication, together with experience gained daily on the field, allow him to accelerate the learning curve required to adopt new technologies, recognizing cutting-edge solutions and developments to apply to business while paying particular attention to their correct integration with the pre-existing systems and processes.
Carlo Visani also holds the role of General Manager and manages Marketing and Sales in Tecla.

Carlo Visani

Vanni Beghetto

Chief Operations Officer

With more than two decades of experience in ICT business consulting, he began his activity as Project Leader in supervision and process control, developing specific skills in the food transformation and beverage sector. In 1998, he was one of the founders of Tecla.it where he now holds the role of Chief Account Manager: he works closely with the Sales Department to supervise and guide the account activity, with a view to proactive and continuative management of customer relations. Within Tecla, he is also directly responsible for particularly complex projects of internationally-operating businesses.

Carlo Visani

Raffaella Visani

Chief Financial Officer

She has been working for over 30 years in Administration, Finance and Control (AFC), covering roles of direct responsibility and developing specific skills in management control and financial planning. In 1998, she was one of the founders of Tecla.it where she is currently Chief Financial Officer, with a particular focus on management control through budgeting systems, economic and treasury planning.

Carlo Visani

Stefano Zauli

Chief Technology Officer

He has worked for more than 15 years in the IT environment, gaining a broad range of expertise in architecture, administration and process management which connect technical infrastructure to the growth of our customers’ business. With IBM Websphere Commerce certifications, Zauli has been one of Europe’s leading experts on the platform since 1999. His motivation and leadership make him an ideal and reliable go-to person for Managers of international Players of omnichannel commerce, for which he is always in search of the latest technological innovations and business-oriented trends.

Tecla people
Umberto Toni
Silvia Barzanti
Mirko Campana
Sabrina Labanti
Massimo Casadio
Tania Bartoli
Alberto Renzi
Alberto Samori
Alessio Montanari
Andrea Albonetti
Andrea Codogno
Andrea Maurizzi
Andrea Samorini
Andrea Villani
Arturo Imposimato
Carlo Pezzi
Claudia Valentini
Davide Sansovini
Elena Cenacchi
Elena Zauli
Emanuele Gardini
Enrico Piccini
Enrico Venturi
Fabio Agostini
Fabio Viggiano
Fabrizio Borghesi
Federica Sartoni
Francesco Baroncini
Francesco Cavola
Franco Santoro
Giacomo Tufano
Giovanni Cicognani
Ivan Frassineti
Lorenzo Rava
Luigi Savini
Manuel Magnani
Marcello Cosentino
Marco Bellani
Marco Ferrucci
Marco Sanlorenzo
Marco Zamboni
Marina Stacchini
Marta Moschini
Massimo Camporesi
Matteo Cosentino
Matteo Fiori
Matteo Zivieri
Mattia Skuly
Maurizio Rosano
Mauro Bassani
Mirko Magnani
Mirko Valmori
Monica Panzavolta
Nicola Fusconi
Nicolò Chieffo
Omar De Donato
Paolo Carlino
Paolo Olivetti
Pasquale Rossiello
Pietro Ferraresi
Pietro Nanni
Rossano Vazzoler
Simone Ghergo
Tiziana Cavina


Il Sole 24 ore - WWW Award
IBM Beacon Award
Informatica Best European Partner Award
Food area - Italy
IBM Collaboration Solutions Award
PREMIO SMAU Innovazione IC
The Good Company Project


IBM Unica
IBM Watson
IBM Watson
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
IBM Watson
IBM Tealeaf
IBM Marketing Cloud
IBM Mobile First
IBM Sterling Order
IBM Webshere Commerce
IBM Softlayer
IBM Commerce Insights
IBM Unica
IBM Coremetrics
IBM Watson
IBM Watson
IBM Watson

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