Fashion Product Information Management

Optimization of time to shop and product information

  • By: Tecla

Complete and accurate product information, provided quickly, and integrated between the different touchpoints available to the customer, is a must for all retailers whatever the product.

In the fashion sector, where the catalog is continuously enriched with new collections, the main driver for the adoption of a Product Information Management system is the need of an ever-faster time to shop, to satisfy the needs, for example, of a consumer who sees items from fashion shows on social media and wants to purchase them immediately.  

To apply the “see now, buy now” model the following are essential:

  •  webrooming, in which the customers must quickly find as much information available as possible, in the different formats managed by the different channels available
  •  business process management available to the big players of the sector to access the market more quickly, in the flow that starts from loading the product data, to the availability on the channel, to the visibility to the end customer.

Production information in the Fashion sector

What are the intrinsic characteristics of the fashion world for which adoption of a PIM acquires crucial competitive value?

  • Information architecture with articulated taxonomies in constant change, in line with the fashion trends, united to the need of managing the variations of colors and sizes.
  • Products which must be managed on ecommerce in multi-store, multi-country, multi-currency mode
  • Number of images which must be correctly associated to the product descriptions, in a market in which visual engagement is crucial for the conversion to purchase, with relative integration between PIM and DAM.
  • Correlation between specific product attributes to activate logics of product recommendations and personalization of shopper experience to encourage cross selling and increase customer lifecycle value.
  • The distribution of the fashion products on the sector’s marketplace (e.g. Yoox – NAP), direct physical and third-party stores, is supported and made faster thanks to efficient product data management 


Data quality and acceleration of time to shop

For the global leader in the development of data management solutions Informatica, that gave Tecla the best European partner award in 2016 for projects designed using the PIM Product 360 for big names in the fashion world (including Luxottica), the factors which most limit the availability of product information in the omnichannel market include:

  • The time used to search for product information: at least 4 hours without the use of PIM
  • Data editing: time to edit the description of an article without the use of PIM takes at least 1 hour (against 1-10 minutes with the PIM)
  • Error percentage: time required to correct an article with wrong product information takes 4 hours without PIM, but just 1 hour with PIM

PIM Informatica


The advantages of Product Information Management

The advantages of adopting a Product Information management solution as a hub to manage product information in the Fashion sector (among others) and as a unique interface to manage product data by all business departments, from marketing, to product management to ecommerce, are unquestionable:

a) Data quality integrated with supplementary validation flows and automated functions in verifying, mapping and assigning data in the correct hierarchies or with the correct attributes

b) Error reduction using automation (rules, automatic assignment, quality controls, reports and dashboards with summary and detail up to the article level of)

c) Integration with omnichannel commerce and editable channel previews to improve the view of the customer experience on the store, and to create user cases and an interface oriented at making targeted decisions

d) Thanks to interaction with MDM Informatica (Master Data Management) it is also possible to personalize the product offer according to customer profile

Thanks to these features, loading the products is up to 4 times faster to support an update of descriptions that must be available 24/7 for the ecommerce channel and which, in an omnichannel market, must be synchronous on all marketing channels: paper catalogs, ecommerce, B2B portals, social media, etc.


Product 360 di Informatica Informatica is the solution chosen by Tecla for Product Information Management projects in the fashion world (and elsewhere). Contact us to discover the advantages of our PIM solution and explore the theme of Fashion Digital Transformation in the specific IDEAS area

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